LED 40X-1600X Trinocular Digital Biological Microscope with LCD Camera

LED 40X-1600X Trinocular Digital Biological Microscope with LCD Camera
Product Details

It is the first YAKI microscope with built-in LCD display. It is popular since it occurs. Levenhuk YK-BL045LCD is a digital microscope at its best – modern, powerful and portable. As you already know, the microscope features a large (3.6”) LCD panel that transmits the best quality images of observed objects. An important feature that some other digital models with built-in screens lack – the LCD model can be removed and replaced with a regular eyepiece, allowing you to observe “old school.” The microscope has two LED illuminations, so you can study both transparent and opaque objects. The magnification of this model also sets it apart from similar models. The optical magnification of the this series microscopes is up to 400x and digital zoom allows you to magnify images up to 1600 times. The LCD display is rotatable, which is very convenient when studying samples in a group.

As any YAKI digital microscope, the YAKI YK-BL045LCD model allows you to take images and record videos. But not many digital models let you save the files created during observations on a microSD memory card, which by the way is included in the kit. And the kit of this model is also something special. With the YK-BL045LCD microscope you get a convenient case allowing you to store and transport the microscope with comfort and ease. In the kit you will also find a set of useful and interesting microscope accessories – prepared slides, clean slides, instruments and materials for creating microscope slides, an amazing user guide and color filters for the best observations.

As this model is well suited to teaching demonstration and for use in an educational environment, we think you will agree that it’s also great to have such a fascinating instrument at home.

If the led 40x-1600x trinocular digital biological microscope with lcd camera caters to your requirement, welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality appliance with us. As one of the professional manufacturers of various optical products in China, we can assure you the high quality and good performance of our appliance.