LED Lighted Handheld Magnifying Glass Set with 3X and 5X Detachable Magnifier, Light and 3.5-inches Wide Lens, White / Black

Product Details

☀ Professional Quality Magnifying Glass 

Made of shatterproof clear optical lenses designed for hobbyists, professionals, seniors, people with low vision, and macular degeneration. 

☀ The Perfect Lens For Any Task 

The 3X magnifying lens is ideal for reading and inspection, while the 5X lens is perfect for coin and stamp collectors, jewelry appraisal, electronic repair, and examining extremely small texts, images, and objects. 

☀ Innovative Design Like No Others 

Switch lenses on the go. Just press the side buttons to release the current lens from the handle and snap a new one in place. 

☀ The Versatile Set for Your Home, Office or Workshop 

Portable and tough enough to take with you wherever you go. The durable construction of our lenses and sturdy handle means even kids can use it safely for science experiments. 

☀ Bring It When You Travel 

Comes with a soft microfleece drawstring carrying pouch and lens cleaning cloth. 

☀ Illuminate While You Magnify 

Equipped with two energy-efficient LED lights built in the handle. The lights provide an evenly lit viewing area, perfect for nighttime book reading and use in low light applications. The lights run on three AAA batteries, which can last for a while. 

Features of our LED Magnifier 

3.5 inch (90mm) lens: 3X zoom 

3X lens focal length: 4.5" 

2 inch (50mm) lens: 5.5X zoom 

5.5X lens focal length: 2.3" 

Detachable magnifying lens 

2 bright LED lights 

Requires three AAA batteries (not included) 

Soft drawstring pouch 

Lens cleaning cloth

If the led lighted handheld magnifying glass set with 3x and 5x detachable magnifier, light and 3.5-inches wide lens, white / black caters to your requirement, welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality appliance with us. As one of the professional manufacturers of various optical products in China, we can assure you the high quality and good performance of our appliance.