3 Magnifications 65MM 2.5X / 20MM 25X / 12MM 55X Zoom Portable Hand-held Craft Magnifier with 5-pcs LED Lights

Product Details

1. Product attributes:

A. Glass lenses

B. ABS new material spray black rubber paint

C. Built-in 4 button electronics

2. Packing information:

A. 10 installed a box, 12 in the box, 120 a box.

B. Carton size: 65 * 47 * 31CM

C. The box size: 32 * 23 * 9.5CM

D. gross weight: 19 / 13KG

3. Multifunction magnifier, 3 different magnification, and can identify true currency, LED lights, so you can also be unimpeded at night, handy portable

4. 【Usage】: right hand holding a magnifying glass, making the lens parallel with the line of sight, (distance 50mm is better) left hand holding the object to watch the light slowly close to the lens, moving objects were identified when the most suitable observation Position, the effect is very obvious.

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