LED Lighted Slide Out Illuminated Portable 40X Jewellers tools Loupe Magnifier - with LED Magnifying Glass Eye Loop Stand

Product Details

40X LED power zoom magnifying glass loupe lens.It requires 3 AAA batteries (Batteries are NOT Included).

Potable and lightweight, pocket size, and easy to carry.Carry in pocket or purse.Comes with a black PU leather sleeve for added protection.

This mini eye loupe is great for rock collectors, coin collectors, jewelers, hobbyists, and also is a great gift for the kids to explore the fabulous tiny world.

Bright LED : You can see objects clearly in dark or insufficient light conditions with this dual LED light source.

EASY TO USE & FOLDABLE DESIGN. Just pull out the magnifier to use, and put it back when not in use.Push switch to Turn ON/OFF, Illumination: LED light and UV detecting light.

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